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Speed nonlinear predictive control of a series dc motor for bidirectional operation

  title={Speed nonlinear predictive control of a series dc motor for bidirectional operation},
  author={I. I. Siller-Alcal{\'a} and J. Lic{\'e}aga-Castro and A. Ferreyra-Ram{\'i}rez and R. Alc{\'a}ntara-Ram{\'i}rez and J. Jaimes-Ponce},
This paper presents a speed nonlinear predictive control scheme for a Series DC Motor. The proposed scheme is capable of overcoming the singularity presented when the current approaches to zero and the inherently non-linear behaviour. The control scheme presented is composed of a speed predictive control and an internal model control. The effectiveness of this control algorithm has been successfully verified through simulations. 
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