Speed control of brushless DC motor using genetic algorithm based fuzzy controller

  title={Speed control of brushless DC motor using genetic algorithm based fuzzy controller},
  author={C. Xia and P. Guo and T. Shi and Mingehao Wang},
  journal={2004 International Conference on Intelligent Mechatronics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings.},
  • C. Xia, P. Guo, +1 author Mingehao Wang
  • Published 2004
  • Engineering
  • 2004 International Conference on Intelligent Mechatronics and Automation, 2004. Proceedings.
. Abstract - The brushless DC motor (BIBCM) is receiving wide attention for industrial applications because of their high torque density, high efficiency and small size. Conventional eontrollers suffer hm uncertain parameters and the non-linear of the BLDCM. The fuzzy control has been focus in the field of the control of the BLDCM. However, a systematic method for designing and tuning the fuzzy logic controller is not developed yet. In this paper, an auto-tuning method for fuzzy logic… Expand
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