Speed analysis of the radial tire on hydroplaning pavement

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Effectiveness of superhydrophobic material on the hydroplaning risk of asphalt pavements

ABSTRACT One of the major issues in road safety is the slipperiness of the topcoat surface of the road during rainfalls. The presence of water on the pavement surface reduces friction on the topcoat

Numerical Study of Tire Hydroplaning Based on Power Spectrum of Asphalt Pavement and Kinetic Friction Coefficient

Hydroplaning is a driving phenomenon threating vehicle’s control stability and safety. It happens when tire rolls on wet pavement with high speed that hydrodynamic force uplifts the tire. Accurate



A Simple Tire Deformation Model for the Transient Aspect of Hydroplaning

Abstract When a nonrotating tire moves from a quasi‐dry section to a flooded section of pavement, a transition from a nonhydroplaning to a hydroplaning state takes place; during this transition, the

A wet‐road braking distance estimate utilizing the hydroplaning analysis of patterned tire

A wet‐road braking distance estimate for the vehicles equipped with ABS (anti‐lock brake system) is presented in this paper. The entire speed interval at braking is divided into several uniform

Hydroplaning simulations for tires using FEM, FVM and an asymptotic method

Hydroplaning tires have been frequently simulated using commercial explicit FEM (Finite Element Method) codes. However, these simulations are slow, and the result of the lift force is so oscillatory

Hydroplaning Analysis by FEM and FVM: Effect of Tire Rolling and Tire Pattern on Hydroplaning

Abstract We established the new numerical procedure for hydroplaning. We considered the following three important factors; fluid/structure interaction, tire rolling, and practical tread pattern. The

A New Computational Procedure to Predict Transient Hydroplaning Performance of a Tire

Abstract “Hydroplaning characteristics” is one of the key functions for safe driving on wet roads. Since hydroplaning depends on vehicle velocity as well as the tire construction and tread pattern, a

Calculation of the Three‐Dimensional Free Surface Flow Around an Automobile Tire

Abstract The 3D flow around a 195/65R15 automobile tire is calculated. To describe the free surface behavior with the usual conservation equations for mass and momentum, an additional equation for

Influence of Pattern Void on Hydroplaning and Related Target Conflicts4

Abstract Performance prediction of hydroplaning via coupling of computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and FE modeling has delivered a detailed insight into the local mechanisms and root causes of