Speech timing in apraxia of speech versus conduction aphasia.

  title={Speech timing in apraxia of speech versus conduction aphasia.},
  author={S Amebu Seddoh and Donald A. Robin and Hwa San Sim and Carlin Hageman and Jerald B. Moon and J W Folkins},
  journal={Journal of speech and hearing research},
  volume={39 3},
This study examined temporal parameters of speech in subjects with apraxia of speech, conduction aphasia, and normal speech. They were asked to repeat target words in a carrier phrase 10 times. Acoustic analyses involved measurement of stop gap duration, voice onset time, vowel nucleus duration, and consonant-vowel (CV) duration. Speakers with apraxia of speech had longer and more variable stop gap, vowel, and CV durations than did subjects with aphasia or normal speech. Speakers with… CONTINUE READING