Speech ratings by speech clinicians, parents and children.


Ratings of speech samples of children with cleft palate were obtained from speech clinicians in a Cleft Palate Clinic, speech clinicians in the public schools, parents of children with clefts, parents of children without clefts, children with clefts and children without clefts. Analyses of the obtained ratings suggest that nasality and articulation ratings obtained from adult groups do not differ appreciably. Correlations between ratings of nasality and articulation are interpreted as suggesting that speech clinicians are more likely to differentiate between these two variables than other listener groups.

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@article{Starr1984SpeechRB, title={Speech ratings by speech clinicians, parents and children.}, author={Chauncey Starr and Karlind T. Moller and Wendy Dawson and Jill W. Graham and Steven Skaar}, journal={The Cleft palate journal}, year={1984}, volume={21 4}, pages={286-92} }