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Speech as a marker of situation

  title={Speech as a marker of situation},
  author={Penelope E. Brown and Colin Fraser},
Culture, Norms, and the Assessment of Communication Contexts: Multidisciplinary Perspectives
There is increasing acknowledgement by psychologists and interculturalists that the ways in which culture influences people’s behaviour are likely to be affected by characteristics of the situation.Expand
Juggling Two Languages: Malay-English Bilinguals’ Code-switching Behavior in Singapore
This paper investigates the frequency and functions of code-switching in the bilingual MalayEnglish community in Singapore. In this paper, recorded conversations between Malay-English bilinguals wereExpand
Étude de la dimension intersubjective de la communication et de la construction du sens dans les discussions à visée philosophique en contexte scolaire
Cette these a pour objectif de donner une representation du fonctionnement de la communication dans les discussions a visee philosophique (enregistrees a l’ecole primaire et au college). PlusExpand
Denotation/connotation and verbal/nonverbal communication
In the literature on nonverbal communication, one of the classic themes is the range of functions that nonverbal processes can fulfill in interaction, either independently of the verbal processes orExpand
A comparison of prescriptive usage problems in formal and informal written English
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Language, writing, and social (inter)action: An analysis of text-based chats in Macedonian and English
Mira Bekar. Ph.D., Purdue University, May 2015. Language, Writing, and Social (Inter)action: An Analysis of Text-based Chats in Macedonian and English. Major Professor: Tony Silva. The purpose ofExpand
A tool for collaborative online dialogue : CodeZebraOS
The author’s statement: An Overview of Thirty Years of Practice, an overview of thirty years of practice, and 10 Lessons from Theory 118, the Growing Importance of the Field of Data Visualisation: Debates and Practices. Expand
Opening up closings—the Ecuadorian way
In the conversation analytic tradition, this paper examines the procedures Ecuadorian Spanish (ES) speakers employ to close telephone conversations. Conversation analysts (cf. Schegloff, 1979)Expand
Algunos princípios de una teoria del contexto
This paper formulates some general principles of a theory of context. Despite some attempts, especially in functional linguistics, linguistic anthropology and social psychology, such a theory ofExpand
Bridging Social Distance During Social Distancing: Exploring Social Talk and Remote Collegiality in Video Conferencing
This paper examines social talk practices during the COVID-19 pandemic among remote colleagues through semi-structured interviews, finding the changing purposes and opportunities afforded by using video conferencing for social talk with colleagues, and the challenges and changing conversational norms around politeness and etiquette. Expand