Speculating in Precious Computronium

  title={Speculating in Precious Computronium},
  author={Ivan Amato},
  pages={856 - 857}
  • I. Amato
  • Published 23 August 1991
  • Computer Science
  • Science
IT TAKES AN OFFBEAT PERSPECTIVE TO THINK of the evanescent electronic fuss going on inside a computer as a sort of primordial stuff from which almost anything can take shape, from crystals to stars. But that's how physicists and computer builders Norman Margolus and Tommaso Toffoli ofthe Massachusetts Institute of Technology v ViewS their computer child, CAM-8 (for Cellular Automaton Machine 8), a prototype of which is due to get its first breaths of dlectronic life next month. Then again, CAM… 
The cam / pc exerciser camex
A very general commentary on the program camex, accompanied by an assortment of experiments which can be performed using the cam/pc board, although the primary utility of the board lies with two dimensional automata evolving on a 256x256 screen.
Evo Devo Universe? A Framework for Speculations on Cosmic Culture
This paper explores ways this framework for cosmology might be extended with insights from information and computation studies and evolutionary developmental (evo-devo) biology, and briefly considers implications of such a framework for cosmic culture.
On the potential use of cellular automata machines for electromagnetic field solution
The potential use of cellular automata machines for electromagnetic field solution is investigated and lattice gas automata which use simple variables to describe particles that interact with nearest neighbours on the lattice through simple rules are examined.
Limits of AI as Established by a Multi-Layered Symmetry-Based Model of Light
  • Pravir Malik
  • Philosophy
    2020 11th IEEE Annual Information Technology, Electronics and Mobile Communication Conference (IEMCON)
  • 2020
It has been said that the future of Life is about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and that as AI advances a point will be reached, the Singularity, when humans will no longer have a clue as to what is
The Emergence of Quaternary-Based Computational-Strata from a Symmetrical Multi-Layered Model of Light
  • Pravir Malik
  • Computer Science
    International journal of simulation: systems, science & technology
  • 2021
It is suggested that a symmetrical multi-layered model of light is the generator of increasingly complex computationalstrata, which has profound implications on quantum computation, genetics, artificial intelligence, and transhumanism.
Understanding Uncertain Environmental Systems
Developments over the past two decades in the identification of models of environmental systems are reviewed, with special reference to the quality and pollution of surface freshwaters. As in so many