Specular microscopy of hard contact lens wearers II.

  title={Specular microscopy of hard contact lens wearers II.},
  author={Kazuyoshi Yamauchi and Laurence Hirst and C. Enger and Jeffrey Rosenfeld and W Vogelpohl},
  volume={96 8},
Specular microscopy was done on 65 long-term hard contact lens (CL) wearers and controls matched for age, sex, race, and refractive error. There was no difference in mean endothelial cell size between the two groups, although median cell area was slightly smaller in the CL group. Standard deviation and coefficient of variation increased as the duration of total wearing time increased and were greater in the CL group, as was skewness. In 15 long-term hard CL wearers who had discontinued their CL… CONTINUE READING