Spectrum of disease and outcome of complicated diverticular disease.

  title={Spectrum of disease and outcome of complicated diverticular disease.},
  author={Anil M. Bahadursingh and Kathy S Virgo and Donald L. Kaminski and Walter E. Longo},
  journal={American journal of surgery},
  volume={186 6},
BACKGROUND Diverticular disease is a common entity. The presentation, investigations performed, and management are variable. Our objectives were to assess the presentation, extent of disease, and treatment of a cohort of patients with colonic diverticulitis. METHODS All patients with a diagnosis of diverticulitis over a 9-year period were reviewed. Patients were assessed as to age, sex, presenting symptoms, diagnostic studies, extent of disease, treatment, and outcome. RESULTS Over a 9-year… CONTINUE READING


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