Spectrum of childhood cancers in Malawi 1985-1993.

  title={Spectrum of childhood cancers in Malawi 1985-1993.},
  author={Joshua M Mukiibi and L T Banda and N. George Liomba and F C Sungani and Donald Maxwell Parkin},
  journal={East African medical journal},
  volume={72 1},
An analysis of seven hundred and ninety one children aged 0.2 to 14 years with confirmed malignant disease recorded by the Malawi National Cancer Registry over a period of 9 years is presented. Childhood cancer constituted 6.9% of all malignancies recorded during the study period. The top ten neoplasms in descending order of frequency were: non-Hodgkin's lymphoma 434 (54.9%), retinoblastoma 89 (11.3%), nephroblastoma 50 (6.3%), epithelial carcinoma 45 (5.7%), Hodgkin's disease 38 (4.8%), soft… CONTINUE READING


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