Spectroscopy of superheavy hydrogen isotopes in stopped-pion absorption by nuclei

  title={Spectroscopy of superheavy hydrogen isotopes in stopped-pion absorption by nuclei},
  author={Yu. B. Gurov and D. V. Aleshkin and M. N. Behr and S. V. Lapushkin and P. V. Morokhov and V. A. Pechkurov and N. O. Poroshin and V. G. Sandukovsky and M. V. Tel’kushev and B. A. Chernyshev and T. D. Tschurenkova},
  journal={Physics of Atomic Nuclei},
The structure of levels of superheavy hydrogen isotopes 4–6H is analyzed on the basis of a record statistics of experimental data on the absorption of negatively charged pions by light nuclei. Qualitatively new experimental data are obtained for the spectroscopy of the superheavy hydrogen isotopes 5H and 6H. Peaks due to four resonance states of 5H are observed in the missing-mass spectra for the reaction channels 9Be(π−, pt)X and 9Be(π−, dd)X. A structure that is associated with four resonance… Expand
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