Spectroscopy of 18Na: Bridging the two-proton radioactivity of 19Mg

  title={Spectroscopy of 18Na: Bridging the two-proton radioactivity of 19Mg},
  author={M. Assi{\'e} and F. O. Santos and T. Davinson and F. D. Grancey and L. Achouri and J. Alc{\^a}ntara-Nu{\~n}ez and T. A. Kalanee and J.-C. Ang'elique and C. Borcea and R. Borcea and L. Caceres and I. Celikovic and V. Chudoba and D. Pang and C. Ducoin and M. Fallot and O. Kamalou and J. Kiener and Y. Lam and A. Lefebvre‐Schuhl and G. Lotay and J. Mrazek and L. Perrot and A. M. Sánchez-Benítez and F. Rotaru and M. Saint-Laurent and Y. Sobolev and N. Smirnova and M. Stanoiu and I. Stefan and K. Subotic and P. Uji{\'c} and R. Wolski and P. Woods},
  journal={Physics Letters B},
  • M. Assié, F. O. Santos, +31 authors P. Woods
  • Published 2012
  • Physics
  • Physics Letters B
  • The unbound nucleus $^{18}$Na, the intermediate nucleus in the two-proton radioactivity of $^{19}$Mg, was studied by the measurement of the resonant elastic scattering reaction $^{17}$Ne(p,$^{17}$Ne)p performed at 4 A.MeV. Spectroscopic properties of the low-lying states were obtained in a R-matrix analysis of the excitation function. Using these new results, we show that the lifetime of the $^{19}$Mg radioactivity can be understood assuming a sequential emission of two protons via low energy… CONTINUE READING
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