Spectroscopic observations of eight supernovae at interme diate redshift

  title={Spectroscopic observations of eight supernovae at interme diate redshift},
  author={Christophe Balland and Martine Mouchet and R Amanullah and Pierre Astier and Sebastien Fabbro and Gast{\'o}n Folatelli and G. Garavini and A Goobar and Delphine Hardin and Mike J. Irwin and Richard G. P. McMahon and Mour{\~a}o A.-M. and Simona Nobili and Reynald Pain and Rui Pascoal and Julien Raux and G. Sainton and K. Schahmaneche and Nicholas Walton},
Aims. We present spectra of six Type Ia and two Type II supernovae ob tained in June 2002 at the William Herschel Telescope during a search for Type Ia supernovae (SN Ia) at intermediate redsh ift. Methods. Supernova type identification and phase determination are p erformed using a fitting technique based on a χ2 minimization against a series of model templates. Results. The spectra range fromz = 0.033 toz = 0.328, including one spectroscopically underluminous SN Ia a t z = 0.033. This set of… CONTINUE READING