Spectroscopic line parameters of NO, NO2, and N2O for the HITEMP database

  title={Spectroscopic line parameters of NO, NO2, and N2O for the HITEMP database},
  author={Robert J. Hargreaves and Iouli E. Gordon and L S Rothman and Sergey A. Tashkun and Valery I. Perevalov and Anastasiya A. Lukashevskaya and Sergey N. Yurchenko and Jonathan Tennyson and Holger S. P. Muller},
  journal={Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer},
An Accurate, Extensive, and Practical Line List of Methane for the HITEMP Database
A methane line list for the HITEMP spectroscopic database, covering 0-13,400 cm$^{-1}$ ($>$746 nm), is presented. To create this compilation, ab initio line lists of $^{12}$CH$_{4}$ from Rey et al.
ExoMol molecular line lists – XLII. Rovibronic molecular line list for the low-lying states of NO
An accurate line list, called XABC, is computed for nitric oxide which covers its pure rotational, vibrational and rovibronic spectra. A mixture of empirical and theoretical electronic transition
The ExoMolOP database: Cross sections and k-tables for molecules of interest in high-temperature exoplanet atmospheres
A publicly available database of opacities for molecules of astrophysical interest, ExoMolOP, has been compiled for over 80 species, based on the latest line list data from the ExoMol, HITEMP and
New line positions analysis of the 2ν 1 and ν 1 + ν 3 bands of NO2 at 3637.848 and 2906.070 cm−1
Using a high-resolution Fourier transform spectrum recorded at SOLEIL for a rather large value of the (pressure × path length) product a new investigation of the very weak 2ν 1 absorption band of
Introduction of Water‐Vapor Broadening Parameters and Their Temperature‐Dependent Exponents Into the HITRAN Database: Part I—CO2, N2O, CO, CH4, O2, NH3, and H2S
The pressure‐broadening parameters (and their temperature‐dependent exponents) due to the pressure of water vapor for spectral lines of CO2, N2O, CO, CH4, O2, NH3, and H2S from both experimental and theoretical studies were collected and a set of semiempirical models were proposed and used to estimate water broadening and its temperature dependence for all transitions of selected molecules in the HITRAN2016 database.
The 2020 edition of the GEISA spectroscopic database
Cross Sections for Electron Collisions with NO, N2O, and NO2
Cross section data are compiled from the literature for electron collisions with oxides of nitrogen (NxOy) molecules: the species nitric oxide (NO), nitrous oxide (N2O), and nitrogen dioxide (NO2)


HITEMP, the high-temperature molecular spectroscopic database
ExoMol line list – XXI. Nitric Oxide (NO)
Line lists for the X 2 Π electronic ground state for the parent isotopologue of nitric oxide ( 14 N 16 O) and five other major isotopologues ( 14 N 17 O, 14 N 18 O, 15 N 16 O, 15 N 17 O and 15 N 18
Peculiarities of high-overtone transition probabilities in carbon monoxide revealed by high-precision calculation.
It is shown that the quadruple precision is indispensably required to predict the reliable intensities using the conventional 32-bit computers and the low-intensity 0 → n transition predicted in the work of Medvedev is shown to hold up.
The HITRAN 2008 molecular spectroscopic database