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Spectroscopic Studies of Some Diatomic Molecules using Spectrum Generating Algebra Approach

  title={Spectroscopic Studies of Some Diatomic Molecules using Spectrum Generating Algebra Approach},
  author={K. J. Oyewumi and K. D. Sen},
  journal={arXiv: Chemical Physics},
For arbitrary values n and l quantum numbers, we present the solutions of the 3-dimensional Schrodinger wave equation with the pseudoharmonic potential via SU(1,1) Spectrum Generating Algebra (SGA) approach. The explicit bound state energies and eigenfunctions are obtained. The matrix elements r2 and r d/dr are obtained (in a closed form) directly from the creation and annihilation operators. In addition, the expectation values of r2 and p2 and the Heisenberg Uncertainty Products (HUP) for set… 

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