Spectroscopic Determination of Total Phenolic and Flavonoid Contents of Aglaia Lawii Leaves


Objective: Aim of our study is spectroscopic determination of total phenol and flavonoid contents of Aglaia lawii. Methods: Aglaia lawii leaves were collected, powdered and extracted with ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol and methanol separately. The present study was designed to investigate the content of phenols and flavonoids of various extracts of aerial parts of A.lawii. Results: All extracts revealed presence of phenol and flavonoid. The content of phenols and flavonoids of the investigated plant parts are differed. The content of total phenolics in the extracts were determined. The leaves contain the maximum and the bark contains the minimum amount of phenols. The flavonoid content of the fruit was quite high compared to that of the leaves, stem, bark and the seed. Conclusion: The present investigation revealed that the leaves stem, bark seed and fruit of A.lawii contain significant amount of phenols and flavonoids. The objective of this study was to get information of the amount of phenolics and flavonoids in different parts of A.lawii. Further intention of this study is to correlate relationship of these secondary metabolites to possible biological activities and evaluate A.lawii as a potential source of natural bioactive chemicals.

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