Spectroscopic Characterization of fra//s-Fe(CO)3L2 Complexes (L = Phosphine or Phosphite)

  • Hidenari Inouea, Tomoko Takeia, Gernot Heckmannb, Ekkehard Fluckc
  • Published 2013


A series o f disubstituted /7Ym5-Fe(CO )3L-, complexes (L = phosphine or phosphite) have been characterized by infrared. 57Fe M össbauer, and 3IP N M R spectroscopy. The triple-bond nature o f the carbonyl ligands o f ?ra/7.9-Fe(CO )3L2 is strengthened w ith increasing ironto -phosphorus n back-donation . A linear correlation between the isom er shifts and… (More)


5 Figures and Tables