Spectrophotometric determination of dehydroascorbic acid in biological samples.

  title={Spectrophotometric determination of dehydroascorbic acid in biological samples.},
  author={Thomas Moeslinger and Michael Brunner and Paul Gerhard Spieckermann},
  journal={Analytical biochemistry},
  volume={221 2},
We describe a method for accurately and precisely measuring dehydroascorbic acid in perchloric acid extracts prepared from human plasma, lymphocytes, and mammalian cells. Samples were assayed by spectrophotometrically monitoring the kinetics of the concentration-dependent absorbance changes of dehydroascorbic acid with phosphate-methanol-containing buffers. The lowest detectable dehydroascorbate concentration using this assay is estimated to be below 0.1 mumol/liter. Total analysis time is less… CONTINUE READING