Spectrophotometric and volumetric molybdenum determination with 2,2'-biquinoxalyl.


Volumetric and spectrophotometric methods for molybdenum determination based on reaction with 2,2'-biquinoxalyl (2,2'-BQx) in concentrated hydrochloric acid media have been developed. Absorption spectra of the 1,1'-dihydro 2,2'-biquinoxalylene complex shows the most intensive absorption band at 685 nm with molar absorptivity = 3.3 x 10(4) 1. mole(-1). cm(-1). The compound is characterized by good durability to high temperatures and concentrated acid media. The mentioned indicator gives distinct colour changes at the titration end-point. The spectrophotometric method for molybdenum determination is based on the use of the difference in absorbance between the oxidized and reduced forms of 2,2'-BQx. The indicator is reduced with Sn(II) and then part of it is reoxided as a result of addition of Mo(VI). The difference in absorbance between the blank determination and molybdenum sample increases linearily in the concentration range 0.2-2.0 mug Mo/cm(3). 2,2'-Biquinoxalyl was used as an indicator in the volumetric method for the determination of molybdenum concentrations in steel alloy. The interfering ions FE(III) and Cr(III) are easily eliminated as the precipitate of hydroxides. The mineral acids, hydrochloric sulphuric and perchloric acids, have been tested as reaction media.

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