Spectrally broadband electro-optic modulation with nanoelectromechanical string resonators.

  title={Spectrally broadband electro-optic modulation with nanoelectromechanical string resonators.},
  author={Nicolas Cazier and Pedram Sadeghi and Miao-Hsuan Chien and Mostafa M. Shawrav and Silvan Schmid},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={28 8},
In this paper, we present a shutter-based electro-optical modulator made of two parallel nanoelectromechanical silicon nitride string resonators. These strings are covered with electrically connected gold electrodes and actuated either by Lorentz or electrostatic forces. The in-plane string vibrations modulate the width of the gap between the strings. The gold electrodes on both sides of the gap act as a mobile mirror that modulate the laser light that is focused in the middle of this gap… 
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