Spectrally Efficient Anti-Jamming System Design Using Message-Driven Frequency Hopping


This paper considers spectrally efficient antijamming system design based on message-driven frequency hopping (MDFH). We first analyze the performance of the MDFH system under different jamming scenarios. It is observed that MDFH is particularly robust under strong jamming. However, it experiences a performance bottleneck under disguised jamming, for which the jamming power is close to the signal power. To overcome this drawback, we propose an anti-jamming MDFH (AJ-MDFH) system. The main idea is to transmit an ID sequence along with the information stream. The ID sequence is generated through a cryptographic algorithm using the shared secret between the transmitter and the receiver. It is then exploited by the receiver for effective signal detection and extraction. It was shown that AJ-MDFH is robust under strong jamming, and can effectively reduce the performance degradation caused by disguised jamming. Simulation examples are provided to demonstrate the performance of the proposed approaches.

DOI: 10.1109/ICC.2009.5199476

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