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Spectral types and UBV magnitudes of stars in the 30 Doradus complex

  title={Spectral types and UBV magnitudes of stars in the 30 Doradus complex},
  author={Hans Schild and G{\'e}rard Testor},
  journal={Astronomy \& Astrophysics Supplement Series},
Stars in four selected areas in the periphery of the 30 Doradus region were observed photometrically and spectroscopically. The areas are located at distances ranging from 7 to 20 arcmin from the central cluster. UBV magnitudes and spectral types for more than 250 stars are presented. 70 new O stars are found, most of which are located in the two inner regions. New photometric and spectroscopic data of the Wolf-Rayet stars in the surveyed fields are also presented. For WR stars in tight… 
The Massive Star Distribution in the Galaxy and the Magellanic Clouds
The numbers and distribution of Population I O-type stars and Wolf-Rayet stars are reviewed. The numbers of known WR stars in the Galaxy, the LMC and the SMC are 185, 114, and 9, respectively.
Feedback from winds and supernovae in massive stellar clusters – I. Hydrodynamics
We use 3D hydrodynamical models to investigate the effects of massive star feedback from winds and supernovae on inhomogeneous molecular material left over from the formation of a massive stellar