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Spectral subspaces of spectra of Abelian lattice-ordered groups in size aleph one

  title={Spectral subspaces of spectra of Abelian lattice-ordered groups in size aleph one},
  author={Miroslav Plo{\vs}{\vc}ica and Friedrich Wehrung},
. It is well known that the lattice Id c G of all principal ℓ -ideals of any Abelian ℓ -group G is a completely normal distributive 0-lattice, and that not every completely normal distributive 0-lattice is a homomorphic image of some Id c G , via a counterexample of cardinality ℵ 2 . We prove that every completely normal distributive 0-lattice with at most ℵ 1 elements is a homomorphic image of some Id c G . By Stone duality, this means that every completely normal generalized spectral space… 



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Abstract We consider the problem of describing the lattices of compact ℓ{\ell}-ideals of Abelian lattice-ordered groups. (Equivalently, describing the spectral spaces of Abelian lattice-ordered

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    Algebras and Representation Theory
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It is well known that the real spectrum of any commutative unital ring, and the l-spectrum of any Abelian lattice-ordered group with order-unit, are all completely normal spectral spaces. We prove

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