Spectral smoothing filter

  title={Spectral smoothing filter},
  author={ジェイ. アームストロング アラン and グローバー ニール and ピー. ズック クリストファー and オー. ダッドリー トレント and ジー. ブリス ウィリアム and ティー. ベーレンズ リチャード},
(57) Abstract: filter to compensate for the discrete secondary pulses formed for the data stream of discrete main pulses are made from the data read from the magnetic medium. Impulse response of the filter is provided with a central coefficient having a side compensation coefficients for attenuating the second pulse when the input signal is convolved with the impulse response. The size and delay compensation factor is programmable, it is adaptively adjusted to optimize the impulse response for… CONTINUE READING

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