Spectral reflectance properties of carbonaceous chondrites : 1 . CI chondrites

  title={Spectral reflectance properties of carbonaceous chondrites : 1 . CI chondrites},
  author={Edward A. Cloutis and Takahiro Hiroi and Michael J. Gaffey and Conel M. O’D. Alexander and Phil Mann},
Powdered samples of a suite of 14 CR and CR-like chondrites, ranging from petrologic grade 1 to 3, were spectrally characterized over the 0.3–2.5 lm interval as part of a larger study of carbonaceous chondrite reflectance spectra. Spectral analysis was complicated by absorption bands due to Fe oxyhydroxides near 0.9 lm, resulting from terrestrial weathering. This absorption feature masks expected absorption bands due to constituent silicates in this region. In spite of this interference, most… CONTINUE READING


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