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Spectral-norm risk rates for multi-taper estimation of Gaussian processes

  title={Spectral-norm risk rates for multi-taper estimation of Gaussian processes},
  author={J. Romero and Michael Speckbacher},
We consider the estimation of the covariance of a stationary Gaussian process on a multi-dimensional grid from observations taken on a general acquisition domain. We derive spectral-norm risk rates for multi-taper estimators. When applied to one dimensional acquisition intervals, these show that Thomson’s classical multi-taper has optimal risk rates, as they match known benchmarks. We also extend existing lower risk bounds to multidimensional grids and conclude that multi-taper estimators… 


Spectral estimation of irregularly sampled multidimensional processes by generalized prolate spheroidal sequences
  • T. Bronez
  • Physics, Computer Science
    IEEE Trans. Acoust. Speech Signal Process.
  • 1988
A nonparametric spectral estimation method is presented for bandlimited random processes that have been sampled at arbitrary points in one or more dimensions and avoids several problems typically associated with irregularly sampled data and multidimensional processes.
Multidimensional multitaper spectral estimation
  • A. Hanssen
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
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  • 1997
A very simple generalization of the one-dimensional multitaper spectral estimation technique to the multi-dimensional case, and several properties of the novel tapers are listed.
Thomson's Multitaper Method Revisited
This work revisits Thomson’s multitaper method from a linear algebra perspective involving subspace projections and derives an -approximation to the multitaper spectral estimate which can be evaluated on a grid of frequencies using O(log(NW ) log 1 ) FFTs instead of K = O(NW ), which protects against spectral leakage.
Multitaper estimation on arbitrary domains
It is shown that the multitaper estimator only depends on the linear space spanned by the tapers, and may be replaced by proxy tapers spanning the same subspace (validating the common practice of using partially converged solutions to the Slepian eigenproblem as tapers).
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