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Spectral multipliers in a general Gaussian setting

  title={Spectral multipliers in a general Gaussian setting},
  author={Valentina Casarino and Paolo Ciatti and Peter Sjogren},
We investigate a class of spectral multipliers for an Ornstein–Uhlenbeck operator L in R, with drift given by a real matrix B whose eigenvalues have negative real parts. We prove that if m is a function of Laplace transform type defined in the right half-plane, then m(L) is of weak type (1, 1) with respect to the invariant measure in R. The proof involves many estimates of the relevant integral kernels and also a bound for the number of zeros of the time derivative of the Mehler kernel, as well… 

Littlewood-Paley functions associated with general Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroups

. In this paper we establish L p ( R d ,γ ∞ )-boundedness properties for square functions involving time and spatial derivatives of Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroups. Here γ ∞ denotes the invariant



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The setting of this paper is Euclidean space with the Gaussian measure. We letL be the associated Laplacian, by means of which the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck semigroup is defined. The main result is a

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The sector of analyticity of the Ornstein–Uhlenbeck semigroup is computed on the space Lμp := Lp (RN; μ) with respect to its invariant measure μ. If A=Δ + Bx· ∇ denotes the generator of the