Spectral modulation interferometry for quantitative phase imaging.


We propose a spectral-domain interferometric technique, termed spectral modulation interferometry (SMI), and present its application to high-sensitivity, high-speed, and speckle-free quantitative phase imaging. In SMI, one-dimensional complex field of an object is interferometrically modulated onto a broadband spectrum. Full-field phase and intensity images… (More)
DOI: 10.1364/BOE.6.000473


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@article{Shang2015SpectralMI, title={Spectral modulation interferometry for quantitative phase imaging.}, author={Ruibo Shang and Shichao Chen and Chengshuai Li and Yizheng Zhu}, journal={Biomedical optics express}, year={2015}, volume={6 2}, pages={473-9} }