Spectral invariants for monotone Lagrangians

  title={Spectral invariants for monotone Lagrangians},
  author={R'emi Leclercq and Frol Zapolsky},
  journal={Journal of Topology and Analysis},
Since spectral invariants were introduced in cotangent bundles via generating functions by Viterbo in the seminal paper [73], they have been defined in various contexts, mainly via Floer homology theories, and then used in a great variety of applications. In this paper we extend their definition to monotone Lagrangians, which is so far the most general case for which a “classical” Floer theory has been developed. Then, we gather and prove the properties satisfied by these invariants, and which… 

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We investigate the relations between algebraic structures, spectral invariants, and persistence modules, in the context of monotone Lagrangian Floer homology with Hamiltonian term. Firstly, we use

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Symplectic cohomology and a conjecture of Viterbo

  • E. Shelukhin
  • Mathematics
    Geometric and Functional Analysis
  • 2022
We identify a new class of closed smooth manifolds for which there exists a uniform bound on the Lagrangian spectral norm of Hamiltonian deformations of the zero section in a unit cotangent disk

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Let $N$ be a closed manifold and $U \subset T^*(N)$ a bounded domain in the cotangent bundle of $N$, containing the zero-section. A conjecture due to Viterbo asserts that the spectral metric for

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