Spectral intensities in the ν1 band of NH3

  title={Spectral intensities in the ν1 band of NH3},
  author={Alan S. Pine and M. Dang-Nhu},
Abstract Intensities have been measured for individual transitions in the Q and R branches of the ν1 band of NH3 using a difference-frequency laser spectrometer. The data yield an integrated band strength of S0v=219.36±1.03 cm-2/MPa at 297 K, corresponding to a transition moment of ∣μv∣ = 8.535(20) × 10-32 C·m, and a Herman-Wallis correction factor, (1 + αjm)2, where αj = 0.0209(20). The intensities of a few lines for K ⩾ 7 were noticeably perturbed by a perpendicular Coriolis interaction with… CONTINUE READING