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Spectral hole-burning spectroscopy in Nd

  title={Spectral hole-burning spectroscopy in Nd},
  author={S. Hastings-Simon and M. Afzelius and J. Min{\'a} and M. Staudt and B. Lauritzen and H. Riedmatten and N. Gisin and A. Amari and A. Walther and S. Kr{\"o}ll},
We present spectral hole-burning measurements on the 879 nm, I9/2→ F3/2 transition in Nd :YVO4. We observe antiholes in the spectrum along with long lived spectral holes, which demonstrates optical pumping between the ground state Zeeman levels. The spectral holes are narrow homogeneous linewidth of 63 kHz at 2.1 K with a 300 mT applied magnetic field. We also perform preliminary spectral tailoring in this material by creating a 40 MHz wide transmission window in the inhomogeneous absorption… Expand

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Moiseev and S . Kröll
  • Phys . Rev . Lett .