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Spectral geometry of functional metrics on noncommutative tori

  title={Spectral geometry of functional metrics on noncommutative tori},
  author={Asghar Ghorbanpour and Masoud Khalkhali},
  journal={arXiv: Quantum Algebra},
We introduce a new family of metrics, called functional metrics, on noncommutative tori and study their spectral geometry. We define a class of Laplace type operators for these metrics and study their spectral invariants obtained from the heat trace asymptotics. A formula for the second density of the heat trace is obtained. In particular, the scalar curvature density and the total scalar curvature of functional metrics are explicitly computed in all dimensions for certain classes of metrics… 

Curvature in noncommutative geometry

Our understanding of the notion of curvature in a noncommutative setting has progressed substantially in the past 10 years. This new episode in noncommutative geometry started when a Gauss-Bonnet

Connes’s trace theorem for curved noncommutative tori: Application to scalar curvature

In this paper we prove a version of Connes' trace theorem for noncommutative tori of any dimension~$n\geq 2$. This allows us to recover and improve earlier versions of this result in dimension $n=2$

Curvature of differentiable Hilbert modules and Kasparov modules

Noncommutative Geometry, the Spectral Standpoint

  • A. Connes
  • Mathematics
    New Spaces in Physics
  • 2019
We report on the following highlights from among the many discoveries made in Noncommutative Geometry since year 2000: 1) The interplay of the geometry with the modular theory for noncommutative

Laplace–Beltrami operators on noncommutative tori

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In this paper, we initiate a systematic approach for the variational calculus used in the study of modular geometry on noncommutative (two) tori. We introduce several transformations on the space of



The Ricci curvature in noncommutative geometry

Motivated by the local formulae for asymptotic expansion of heat kernels in spectral geometry, we propose a definition of Ricci curvature in noncommutative settings. The Ricci operator of an oriented

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In this paper we investigate the curvature of conformal deformations by noncommutative Weyl factors of a flat metric on a noncommutative 2-torus, by analyzing in the framework of spectral triples

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We first show that hypergeometric functions appear naturally as spectral functions when applying pseudo-differential calculus to decipher heat kernel asymptotic in the situation where the symbol

An Asymmetric Noncommutative Torus

We introduce a family of spectral triples that describe the curved noncommuta- tive two-torus. The relevant family of new Dirac operators is given by rescaling one of two terms in the flat Dirac

The Gauss-Bonnet Theorem for the noncommutative two torus

In this paper we shall show that the value at the origin, �(0), of the zeta function of the Laplacian on the non-commutative two torus, endowed with its canonical conformal structure, is independent

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The scalar curvature for noncommutative four tori T^4_Θ, where their flat geometries are conformally perturbed by a Weyl factor, is computed by making the use of a noncommutative residue that

The term a_4 in the heat kernel expansion of noncommutative tori

We consider the Laplacian associated with a general metric in the canonical conformal structure of the noncommutative two torus, and calculate a local expression for the term a_4 that appears in its