Spectral geometry of ?-Minkowski space

  title={Spectral geometry of ?-Minkowski space},
  author={Francesco D’Andrea},
  journal={Journal of Mathematical Physics},
  • F. D’Andrea
  • Published 1 March 2005
  • Mathematics
  • Journal of Mathematical Physics
After recalling Snyder’s idea [Phys. Rev. 71, 38 (1947)] of using vector fields over a smooth manifold as “coordinates on a noncommutative space,” we discuss a two-dimensional toy-model whose “dual” noncommutative coordinates form a Lie algebra: this is the well-known κ-Minkowski space [Phys. Lett. B 334, 348 (1994)]. We show how to improve Snyder’s idea using the tools of quantum groups and noncommutative geometry. We find a natural representation of the coordinate algebra of κ-Minkowski as… 

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