Spectral features control temporal plasticity in auditory cortex.

  title={Spectral features control temporal plasticity in auditory cortex.},
  author={Michael P. Kilgard and Pritesh K. Pandya and Jos{\'e} Luis Mosso V{\'a}zquez and Daniel Lleweylln Rathbun and Navzer D. Engineer and Raluca Moucha},
  journal={Audiology & neuro-otology},
  volume={6 4},
Cortical responses are adjusted and optimized throughout life to meet changing behavioral demands and to compensate for peripheral damage. The cholinergic nucleus basalis (NB) gates cortical plasticity and focuses learning on behaviorally meaningful stimuli. By systematically varying the acoustic parameters of the sound paired with NB activation, we have previously shown that tone frequency and amplitude modulation rate alter the topography and selectivity of frequency tuning in primary… CONTINUE READING