Spectral enhancement in the double pulse regime of laser proton acceleration.

  title={Spectral enhancement in the double pulse regime of laser proton acceleration.},
  author={K. Markey and Paul McKenna and Ceri M. Brenner and D C Carroll and Marc Maximilian G{\"u}nther and K. Harres and Satyabrata Kar and Kurt Lancaster and F. Nuernberg and Mark N. Quinn and Alexander P. L. Robinson and Michael Roth and Matt Zepf and David Neely},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={105 19},
The use of two separate ultraintense laser pulses in laser-proton acceleration was compared to the single pulse case employing the same total laser energy. A double pulse profile, with the temporal separation of the pulses varied between 0.75-2.5 ps, was shown to result in an increased maximum proton energy and an increase in conversion efficiency to fast protons by up to a factor of 3.3. Particle-in-cell simulations indicate the existence of a two stage acceleration process. The second phase… CONTINUE READING