Spectral encoding of x-ray/optical relative delay.

  title={Spectral encoding of x-ray/optical relative delay.},
  author={Mina R Bionta and Henrik T Lemke and James P. Cryan and James Michael Glownia and Christoph Bostedt and Marco Cammarata and J-C Castagna and Yunhong Ding and David M. Fritz and Alan Fry and Jacek Krzywiński and Marc Messerschmidt and Sebastian Schorb and Michelle L Swiggers and Ryan Coffee},
  journal={Optics express},
  volume={19 22},
We present a new technique for measuring the relative delay between a soft x-ray FEL pulse and an optical laser that indicates a sub 25 fs RMS measurement error. An ultra-short x-ray pulse photo-ionizes a semiconductor (Si(3)N(4)) membrane and changes the optical transmission. An optical continuum pulse with a temporally chirped bandwidth spanning 630 nm-710 nm interacts with the membrane such that the timing of the x-ray pulse can be determined from the onset of the spectral modulation of the… CONTINUE READING
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