Spectral curves and the generalised theta divisor.

  title={Spectral curves and the generalised theta divisor.},
  author={Arnaud Beauville and S. Ramanan and M. S. Narasimhan},
  journal={Journal f{\"u}r die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)},
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Let X be a smooth, irreducible, projective curve over an algebraically closed field of characteristic 0 and let g = gx ̂ 2 be its genus. We show in this paper that a generic vector b ndle on X of rank n and any fixed degree can be obtained s the direct image of a line b ndle on an n-sheeted (ramified) covering of X. From this we deduce results concerning linear Systems on the moduli space of vector bundles of rank n and degree 0. 
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Let X be a smooth and proper algebraic curve of genus g ̂ 2. If E is a semistable vector bundie on X ofrank r and degrce r{g-1) (thus xW^O), does H°(X, £®L)=0 for L a generic line bundie of degree O?
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We shall start this chapter by proving “theta relations,” i.e., relations between theta functions. More precisely, we shall be interested in polynomial relations between θm(τ, z), θm(τ, 0) with
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Introduction to Algebraic Geometry.By Serge Lang. Pp. xi + 260. (Addison–Wesley: Reading, Massachusetts, 1972.)
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Soient X une courbe algebrique projective lisse de genre g ≥ 2 sur ℂ, r, d des entiers, avec r ≥ 2. On note U(r,d) la variete de modules des fibres algebriques semi-stables sur X de rang r et de
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Generalised Prym Varieties s fixed points
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