Spectral analysis of cytochromes inAquaspirillum magnetotacticum

  title={Spectral analysis of cytochromes inAquaspirillum magnetotacticum},
  author={Wendy Pott O'Brien and Lawrence C. Paoletti and Richard P. Blakemore},
  journal={Current Microbiology},
The respiratory chain ofAquaspirillum magnetotacticum strain MS-1 cells denitrifying microaerobically included a-, a1-, b-, c-, cd1-, and o-type hemes. More than 85% of the total cytochromes detected were of the c type. Virtually all of the a and b types were detected in cell membranes, whereas 70% of the c-type hemes were soluble. Large quantities of soluble c-type hemes were released with periplasm by freezing and thawing cells. Soluble c551 occurred in two forms: as a single compound of… CONTINUE READING