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Spectral Transformation Algorithms for Computing Unstable Modes of Large Scale Power Systems

  title={Spectral Transformation Algorithms for Computing Unstable Modes of Large Scale Power Systems},
  author={Licio Hernanes Bezerra and Carlos Tomei},
  journal={arXiv: Numerical Analysis},
In this paper we describe spectral transformation algorithms for the computation of eigenvalues with positive real part of sparse nonsymmetric matrix pencils $(J,L)$, where $L$ is of the form $\pmatrix{M&0\cr 0&0}$. For this we define a different extension of M\"obius transforms to pencils that inhibits the effect on iterations of the spurious eigenvalue at infinity. These algorithms use a technique of preconditioning the initial vectors by M\"obius transforms which together with shift-invert… 

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