Spectral Signatures of Hydrated Proton Vibrations in Water Clusters

  title={Spectral Signatures of Hydrated Proton Vibrations in Water Clusters},
  author={J. Headrick and E. G. Diken and R. Walters and N. Hammer and R. Christie and J. Cui and E. Myshakin and M. Duncan and M. Johnson and K. Jordan},
  pages={1765 - 1769}
  • J. Headrick, E. G. Diken, +7 authors K. Jordan
  • Published 2005
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • Science
  • The ease with which the pH of water is measured obscures the fact that there is presently no clear molecular description for the hydrated proton. The mid-infrared spectrum of bulk aqueous acid, for example, is too diffuse to establish the roles of the putative Eigen (H3O+) and Zundel (H5O2+) ion cores. To expose the local environment of the excess charge, we report how the vibrational spectrum of protonated water clusters evolves in the size range from 2 to 11 water molecules. Signature bands… CONTINUE READING
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