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Spectral Power Densities of the Fundamental Schumann Resonance Are Enhanced in Microtubule Preparations Exposed to Temporally Patterned Weak Magnetic Fields: Implications for Entanglement

  title={Spectral Power Densities of the Fundamental Schumann Resonance Are Enhanced in Microtubule Preparations Exposed to Temporally Patterned Weak Magnetic Fields: Implications for Entanglement},
  author={Blake T. Dotta and David A. E. Vares and Michael A. Persinger},
  journal={Journal of Consciousness Exploration \& Research},
Preparations of microtubules (MT) from mouse melanoma cells emitted predictable photon counts when sampled 50 times per s (every 20 ms) that depended upon the numbers of these preparations. Counterbalanced serial 4 min exposures of the same MT to different temporally patterned magnetic fields with intensities between 3 and 10 μT did not alter the absolute photon emissions but shifted their spectral power densities (SPD). Compared to baseline (no field) 4 min periods there were conspicuous… 

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