Spectral Efficient Signaling for Half-duplex Relay Channels

  title={Spectral Efficient Signaling for Half-duplex Relay Channels},
  author={Boris Rankov and Armin Wittneben},
  journal={Conference Record of the Thirty-Ninth Asilomar Conference onSignals, Systems and Computers, 2005.},
We study two-hop communication protocols where one or two relay terminals assist in the communication between two transceiver terminals. All terminals operate in half-duplex mode, i.e., may not receive and transmit simultaneously at the same time and frequency. This leads to a loss in spectral efficiency due to the pre-log factor 1/2 in corresponding expressions for the achievable rate (capacity). We propose and analyze two relaying protocols that avoid the pre-log factor 1/2 but still work… CONTINUE READING
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