Spectral Analysis of Networks with Random Topologies

  title={Spectral Analysis of Networks with Random Topologies},
  author={Ulf Grenander and Jack W. Silverstein},
  journal={Siam Journal on Applied Mathematics},
A class of neural models is introduced in which the topology of the neural network has been generated by a controlled probability model. It is shown that the resulting linear operator has a spectral measure that converges in probability to a universal one when the size of the net tends to infinity: a law of large numbers for the spectra of such operators. The analytical treatment is accompanied by omputational experiments. 


A model for the generation of neural connections at birth led to the study of W, a random, symmetric, nonnegative definite linear operator defined on a finite, but very large, dimensional Euclidean

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A mathematical model of neural processing is proposed which incorporates a theory for the storage of information that lends support to a distributive theory of memory using synaptic modification.

A New Method for Bounding Rates of Convergence of Empirical Spectral Distributions

The probabilistic properties of eigenvalues of random matrices whose dimension increases indefinitely has received considerable attention. One important aspect is the existence and identification of


In this paper, we give a brief review of the theory of spectral analysis of large dimensional random matrices. Most of the existing work in the literature has been stated for real matrices but the

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A stronger result on the limiting distribution of the eigenvalues of random Hermitian matrices of the form A + XTX*, originally studied in Marcenko and Pastur, is presented. Here, X(N - n), T(n - n),

Efficient Covariance Matrix Methods for Bayesian Gaussian Processes and Hopfield Neural Networks

It is shown using iterated function sequence methods that the new Hop eld learning rule acts as a palimpsest (or forgetful) learning rule, and does not suffer from catastrophic forgetting.



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The distribution law obtained before' for a very special set of matrices is valid for much more general sets of real symmetric matrices of very high dimensionality.

Asymptotic distribution of eigenvalues of random matrices

The impetus for this paper comes mainly from work done in recent years by a number of physicists on a statistical theory of spectra. The book by M. L. Mehta [10] and the collection of reprints edited

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The statistical properties of the characteristic values of a matrix the elements of which show a normal (Gaussian) distribution are well known (cf. [6] Chapter XI) and have been derived, rather

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THE criticism on the passage quoted from p. 3 of the book by Profs. Harkness and Morley (NATURE, February 23, p. 347) turns on the fact that, in dealing with number divorced from measurement, the

Probabilities on Algebraic Structures, Almqvist and Wiksell

  • Probabilities on Algebraic Structures, Almqvist and Wiksell
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Limit theorems ]:or the characteristic roots o]: a sample covariance matrix

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