Spectra of compact locally symmetric manifolds of negative curvature

  title={Spectra of compact locally symmetric manifolds of negative curvature},
  author={Johannes Jisse Duistermaat and J. A. C. Kolk and V. S. Varadarajan},
  journal={Inventiones mathematicae},
Let S be a Riemannian symmetric space of noncompact type, and let G be the group of motions of S. Then the algebra L-~ of G-invariant differential operators on S is commutative, and its spectrum A(S) can be canonically identified with ~/w where ~ is a complex vector space with dimension equal to the rank of S, and to is a finite subgroup of G L ( ~ ) generated by reflexions. Let P be a discrete subgroup of G that acts freely on S and let X = E \ S . Then the members of 5~ may be regarded as… 
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Let G be a semisimple Lie group of split rank one with finite center. If T C G is a discrete cocompact subgroup, then L2(V\G) = 2ue6(C)nr(<,>) ' "■ For fixed o G &(M), let P(a) denote the classes of
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Let V be a connected, compact, differentiable Riemannian manifold. If V is not closed we denote its boundary by S. In terms of local coordinates (x i ), i = 1, 2, … Ν, the line-element dr is given by
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It is a standard fact (see §2) that 7rr(4>) is of trace class. In particular, 7Tr(4>) is completely continuous for 4>eC7(G). This implies that L(r\G) decomposes into an orthogonal direct sum of
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The methods depend on the fact that the Riemann hypothesis for the Selberg zeta-function is almost true, in the sense that any possible exceptional zeros are all located in the real segment (0, 1). I
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