Spectinomycin-resistant gonococci in Thailand.

  title={Spectinomycin-resistant gonococci in Thailand.},
  author={A Traisupa and C. Ariyarit and S Saengsur and C Theeratum and S Tharavanich},
  journal={Clinical therapeutics},
  volume={12 2},
The incidence of resistance to spectinomycin was determined in 3,200 isolates of Neisseria gonorrhoeae from male and female patients at four venereal disease clinics in Thailand. Susceptibility of the isolates was tested on disks containing 100 micrograms of spectinomycin. There was no evidence of spectinomycin resistance (a zone of inhibition of less than or equal to 18 mm in diameter); the diameter of the inhibitory zone was 19 to 23 mm in 10.9% of the isolates, 24 to 28 mm in 53.7%, 29 to 33… CONTINUE READING

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