Specification of germ cell fates by FOG-3 has been conserved during nematode evolution.

  title={Specification of germ cell fates by FOG-3 has been conserved during nematode evolution.},
  author={Peijun Chen and Saeyoull Cho and Sook Won Jin and Ronald E. Ellis},
  volume={158 4},
Rapid changes in sexual traits are ubiquitous in evolution. To analyze this phenomenon, we are studying species of the genus Caenorhabditis. These animals use one of two different mating systems-male/hermaphroditic, like the model organism Caenorhabditis elegans, or male/female, like C. remanei. Since hermaphrodites are essentially females that produce sperm for self-fertilization, elucidating the control of cell fate in the germ line in each species could provide the key to understanding how… CONTINUE READING
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