Specific proteins of the organ of Corti.

  title={Specific proteins of the organ of Corti.},
  author={Ruediger Thalmann and Michael T. Henzl and Isolde Thalmann},
  journal={Acta oto-laryngologica},
  volume={117 2},
The mammalian organ of Corti has achieved a degree of perfection unequaled in other hair cell systems. Although cellular metabolism requires the coordinated action of thousands of proteins, the physical processes underlying auditory transduction in the OC are undoubtedly mediated by a much smaller subset of these. OCP1, OCP2, and CBP-15-identified by 2D-PAGE-are apparently members of this elite class. OCP1 and OCP2 are restricted to the supporting cells of the organ of Corti and adjacent… CONTINUE READING