Specific incremental field test for aerobic fitness in tennis.

  title={Specific incremental field test for aerobic fitness in tennis.},
  author={Olivier Ren{\'e} Girard and Renaud Chevalier and F S Leveque and J P Micallef and Gregoire P. Millet},
  journal={British journal of sports medicine},
  volume={40 9},
OBJECTIVES To compare metabolic and cardiorespiratory responses between subjects undergoing incremental treadmill (non-specific) and tennis field based (sport specific) tests. METHODS Nine junior competitive tennis players randomly performed two incremental protocols to exhaustion: a treadmill test (TT) and a tennis specific fitness test (FT). The FT consisted of repeated displacements replicating the game of tennis at increasing speed on a court. In both tests, ventilatory variables and… CONTINUE READING


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