Specific heat and optical birefringence of Fe{sub 0.25}Zn{sub 0.75}F{sub 2}

  title={Specific heat and optical birefringence of Fe\{sub 0.25\}Zn\{sub 0.75\}F\{sub 2\}},
  author={William C. Barber and David P. Belanger},
The specific heat (C{sub m}) and optical birefringence ({delta}n) for the magnetic percolation threshold system Fe{sub 0.25}Zn{sub 0.75}F{sub 2} are analyzed with the aid of Monte Carlo (MC) simulations. Both {delta}n and the magnetic energy (U{sub m}) are governed by a linear combination of near-neighbor spin-spin correlations, which we have determined for {delta}n using MC simulations modeled closely after the real system. Near a phase transition or when only one interaction dominates, the… CONTINUE READING


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