Specific function of B-Raf in mediating survival of embryonic motoneurons and sensory neurons

  title={Specific function of B-Raf in mediating survival of embryonic motoneurons and sensory neurons},
  author={Stefan Wiese and Geng Pei and Christoph Karch and J Troppmair and Bettina Holtmann and Ulf R{\"u}diger Rapp and Michael Sendtner},
  journal={Nature Neuroscience},
Embryonic sensory and motoneurons depend on neurotrophic factors for survival. Here we show that their survival requires B-Raf, which, in this function, cannot be substituted by C-Raf. Sensory and motoneurons from b-raf-deficient mice do not respond to neurotrophic factors for their survival. However, these primary neurons can be rescued by transfection of a b-raf expression plasmid. In contrast, c-raf-deficient neurons survive in response to neurotrophic factors, similarly to neurons from wild… CONTINUE READING

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